RLS PTA is rolling out the Traffic Safety Program called STOP * DROP & GO!

What is STOP*DROP & GO?
The RLS community runs this program to enable parents/caregivers to safely drop off their children at the school front gate drop-off zone on 34th Avenue. It is run by the parents, family, and volunteers of our community, and we need your help to ensure that drop off is safe and efficient. This program works together with the Student Traffic Safety Patrols organized by RLS.

Every classroom pitches in, only 1-2 weeks during the school year, to “staff” the STOP*DROP & GO program.

How to use STOP*DROP & GO safely and effectively:

  • Families use the drop-off zone in front of the school on 34th Avenue for drop off. Children should onlybe dropped off in this area (marked by cones) – please do not double-park or drop off on 35th Avenue, Bus Zone or in other areas. (See diagram in the Packet).

  • Parents/caregivers should pull forward all the way into the drop-off zone, and remain in their car while your child exits on the sidewalk side.

  • Have your child ready to go (backpack in hand, coats on).

  • Parent volunteers and Student patrols will be present to assist your child(ren) in exiting the vehicle. Cars will be able to move quickly and safely through the drop-off zone.

  • Please don't just let your child out on your own; it encourages unsafe behavior from others and creates chaos in the line.

  • Be courteous; the line moves slower as 8:30am approaches. Allow 5-7 minutes for this process.

  • Drop off ONLY with a volunteer!

  • Watch for other cars as you exit the line. Cars may be passing you from behind!

    Things NOT to do:

  • AVOID driving north on 34th Avenue to reduce traffic congestion.

  • DO NOT make U-turns anywhere on 34th Avenue.

  • DO NOT double-park on the school side of 34th Avenue.

  • DO NOT jump the line of cars on 34th Ave.

  • DO NOT use the white-curbed School Bus Zone on 35th Ave. to drop off your child.

  • DO NOT double-park or block any driveways. Be considerate of our neighbors.

  • DO NOT talk on your cell phone while in the line; it’s against the law and unsafe.

    If you would like to volunteer to help out with STOPDROP & GO program, please contact rlspta@yahoo.com.

    We are asking for everyone’s help in creating a safe environment for all RLS students. Please help us by not dropping off on other streets. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to keep our
    RLS community safe!