Our school mascot is the dolphin.  Dolphins are among the most intelligent species on the planet and have extremely large brains compared to their size. They enjoy complex problems, have a large memory capacity and can follow complicated instructions.

Dolphins are social animals that live together in pods. Members of a pod form strong bonds with each other, help out sick or injured individuals and work and play together.

Our school song, which is sung to the tune of Disney’s “It’s a Small World” has lyrics as follows:

At school, we work; we learn; we play.

We try our best each and every day.

We are proud of what we do.

We are RL Stevenson School.

We are dolphins and we shine!

We are dolphins and we shine!

We are dolphins and we shine!

We are dolphins and we shine!

We are dolphins and we shine!


We offer a solid, structured program with an emphasis on developing basic skills, supplemented with extra programs in arts and sciences.

Our school believes in a balanced approach to the development of the whole child. We foster critical thinking skills, nurture social and emotional growth, encourage respect for self and others, and inspire a lifelong love of learning. We implement anti-bullying and conflict-management curriculum for all students, with an emphasis on Restorative Practices.


Our PTA supports the enrichment of all our students by funding our computer technician, math tutor, art program, the PE program and festive special events throughout the seasons of the year.


Some of our parents volunteer to serve on the PTA or on school committees.  Some parents help in the library, classrooms, on field trips or during lunch and recess times. Other parents devote their time and energy to organizing and helping on venues such as our Halloween event, picnics, site maintenance, school safety or fund raising.


We believe in using Restorative Practices to encourage personal responsibility, to create a safe and caring environment and to restore relationships when harm has occurred.